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Activity Sector

Dr. Francesco Brandi provides consulting services to companies, organizations, professionals, artists and individuals.


He has attained significant experience in the issues related to non-commercial entities, with particular reference to the sports world.


He is a consultant for some National Sports Federations and No Profit Associations. He participated as a speaker at conferences organized on issues of sports law.


He is a consultant for numerous bodies and companies, and holds positions in Boards of Statutory Auditors of leading companies and organizations. It carries out auditing activities.


Among others, since 2012 he is President of the Board of Auditors of the Italian Motorcycling Federation.


He is registered in the Register of Technical Consultants at the Court of Rome.


In particular, the activity of the Firm is so structured.




The Firm assists the Customer in all phases of the company’s life since its establishment. It also assists the Customer in any restructuring phases and in extraordinary business operations. It offers consultancy on identifying the correct governance models.




The Firm assists the Third Sector Institutions, with particular reference to the sports world, in the various problems inherent in the performance of their institutional and commercial activities. He provides advice and assistance, from the phase of their constitution, to Onlus, Associations, Foundations, ASD, SSD, National Sports Federations, with particular attention to their correct administrative and management and compliance with the different and increasingly complex regulations that affect the sector.




The Firm provides ordinary and extraordinary advice in the field of direct and indirect taxes, conducts due diligence and tax planning, provides for the preparation and presentation of requests for appeals and tax appeals. It also deals with the preparation and presentation of declarations of succession.




The Firm offers assistance in the correct setting of the administrative and accounting management of all economic operators, in the preparation of financial statements and related documentation, of declarations of income and in general for all the obligations required by legislation. Performs evaluations of companies and appraisals of companies and companies.




The Firm supports the Client both in the negotiation phase and in the contractual phase through the identification and drafting of the best agreements to satisfy the commercial and administrative requirements for the better establishment of profitable business relationships.




The Firm guarantees the most dynamic and innovative companies appropriate assistance and advice in the internationalization projects of companies, with particular reference to the United States (Florida) and the Czech Republic (Dr. Brandi is a member of the Italo-Czech Chamber of Commerce ). There will be study services of the most appropriate strategies for the selection of markets, proper planning and control of taxation related to international operations, support for programs for the development of exports and assistance in setting up commercial or representative offices abroad. .




The Firm provides assistance in the management of issues related to business organization, management control, financial planning, risk analysis and management and finally the preparation of internal control systems.




The Firm prepares biased technical consultancies, expert opinions and motivated opinions before the judicial, administrative and financial authorities, referees and experts.


The firm’s clientele is represented by important local and national economic realities, including holding companies, public and private organizations, national sports federations, commercial companies and non-profit organizations.

Francesco Brandi Doctor – Chartered Accountant – Statutory Auditor

Address: Corso d’Italia, 19 00198 Rome RM Phone: +39 068555904 / +39 0685358667

fax :+39 0685358659  email:

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